Proprietary Training

A wide variety of training that allows choosing topics according to needs. All offered courses have been delivered several times in organizations. A prerequisite is an interview conversation conducted with the customer before the course. This allows a custom-designed course for the company’s current situation and requirements.


Agile Foundations

Agile Foundations to warsztat 4-5 godzinny, który wprowadza w pojęcia zwinności. Osoby, które pracują lub zamierzają pracować w zwinnym środowisku otrzymują solidne podstawy i zrozumienie czym jest Agile i kiedy stosować.


Evidence-Based Management Essentials

A 4-hour or 8-hour practical workshop to understand empirical Agile metrics and then implement them in the organization. This course provides rapid feedback to Product Owners, Agile Leaders, Scrum Masters and Teams on their quality of value metrics.


Liberating Structures

This workshop can be run as a 4-hour or 8-hour course depending on customer needs. The class objectives are focused on facilitation techniques, creativity improvement, and problem-solving by Liberating Structures.


5 Dysfunctions of a team

5 Dysfunctions of a team is a 4-hour workshop that allows teams to assess their current dysfunctions. After this diagnose, participants may practice how to overcome these dysfunctions.


Agile Leadership – Basics

Agile Leadership basics is a 4-hour workshop for all kinds of leaders, especially people managers, program and project managers, Scrum Masters.


Agile Risk Management

One of the misconceptions I have observed while consulting with my customers is the belief that “we are Agile, we do not plan”. Another myth is “we are Agile, in Agile there is no risk (or risk management)”.



This 4-hour workshop is an introduction to professional coaching. The training is practical and useful for people who often need to cooperate with teams or individuals.


Wildly Important Goals

A 4-hour practical workshop based on real organizational goals. This is a starter for the organization on how to think about goals and how to measure this effort.


Agile Transformation - Workshop for Executives

This 4-hour workshop is dedicated to all decision-makers in the organization. The main objective of this class is to define organizational key goals that lead to Agility and define measures that will help continually measure the progress.

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