Agile Transformation - Workshop for Executives

This 4-hour workshop is dedicated to all decision-makers in the organization. The main objective of this class is to define organizational key goals that lead to Agility and define measures that will help continually measure the progress. Additionally, the top-management team will create a list of organizational impediments to be removed. The workshop will also
include three organizational levels of change towards Agility:

  1. Mindset
  2. Strategic
  3. Operational

The outcomes of this workshop include:

  • The current transformational goals
  • Agile Measures
  • Mindset and strategy implementation
  • Defining dysfunctions and impediments to be removed.

Course Topics

  1. Mindset, strategy, operations
  2. Defining Agile Transformation goals
  3. Defining measures
  4. Organizational impediments


  • C-level, top-management team
  • Directors
  • All relevant decision-makers.

These courses are offered internally for companies. Please contact us to get an offer.

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