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Evidence-Based Management Essentials

A 4-hour or 8-hour practical workshop to understand empirical Agile metrics and then implement them in the organization. This course provides rapid feedback to Product Owners, Agile Leaders, Scrum Masters and Teams on their quality of value metrics. Topics are focused on measuring value, products and making decisions based on facts. The length of the workshop depends on the specific company/department needs.

Course topics

  • Reasons to measure
  • Measuring value
  • Key-Value Areas (Current Value, Time to Market, Ability to Innovate, Unrealized Value)
  • Decision-making framework
  • Real-life cases
  • How to implement in the company


  • Teams
  • Management
  • Product Owners
  • Project management
  • Scrum Masters
  • Agile Coaches.

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From my experience and observations, my concern is weak understanding that the Evidence-Based Management (EBM) framework is empirical. It requires transparency, frequent inspection, and adaptation. Some organizations proceed with the initial evaluation and then drop the idea. Measuring once and making some decisions is not enough! No promises that this would work.

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