Managing Risk with Scrum

Product development in a complex environment always poses some risks due to their unpredictable, uncertain nature. There are numerous types of uncertainties like business, market, technology, architecture, integration, currency, financial, marketing and hundreds more.
Facing a large number of risks while delivering products seems to be a standard. And it is. It is common and natural. All we need to do is to manage risk.

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Evidence based management

How to start with Evidence-Based Management? Part 2

From my experience and observations, my concern is weak understanding that the Evidence-Based Management (EBM) framework is empirical. It requires transparency, frequent inspection, and adaptation. Some organizations proceed with the initial evaluation and then drop the idea. Measuring once and making some decisions is not enough! No promises that this would work.

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Virtual course

Experience from leading my first virtual class

Until today we were accustomed to leading/attending classes in person. Due to the extremely complex situation we experience in terms of pandemic, we needed to adapt with the speed of light. The opportunity for us is to learn something new that may benefit in the future.

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